Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Play day today ..

I went to my friend Lisa's house today to make this cute Xmas
project. She had very kindly bought frames and papers, I also got to try out some of her stamps, she has some really cool ones. So we stamped, inked, painted and cut out whilst  chatting and ended up with a really nice xmas plaque.

After I had finished I was going to put the dowels in
that make it stand up and discovered I had done mine
the wrong way up !!
Thank goodness my husband has all tools known
to mankind, he used a drill press to drill holes at
the bottom of it and voila - it is now fine !

I am seriously thinking of making a
Halloween one now, what do you think ??


Lisa V said...

It was fun, wasn't it?!? May have to send mine home with you for holes cuz I did the same thing....that's what we get for chatting! :)

Mrs. Spotts said...

A Halloween one would be great! I love this one and am always so impressed when anyone does anything for the holidays before December!