Thursday, July 30, 2009

Love those Creatologie kits !

If you do not know about these kits you need to go and look
at them. Carol Wingert puts together her special kits once a
month and does a fantastic job with them. You get the best
colour copied instructions that take you through all the steps
to create the project and you get more than enough supplies
to finish it and even change it up a little. I took my very first
book making class with Carol many years ago at a store in
Mesa called Memory Lane. I have taken quite a few of Carol's
classes since then and they are all fabulous. This kit I just
finished was from May this year, could not start it sooner as
we had our trip to England coming up. I love this travel journal
and will be using it when I go on the wonderful art cruise in
October with Tim Holtz & Wendy Vecchi, it is just the perfect
thing for me to take, thanks Carol !

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some more photos..

Here we are in front of the famous dinosaur in the entrance
of the Natural History Museum, lots of scary dinosaurs there !
Also a shot of a great stall at the Portobello Rd market.
We also went to :
The Science Museum
The London Dungeon
The Old Operating Theatre museum (very scary !)
Pollacks Toy Museum
Churchill Museum & Cabinet War Rooms
The London Eye
The London Eye River cruise
The London Duck Tour
Leicester Square
Oxford Circus
Westminster Abbey
Covent Garden
The London Transport Museum
Selfridges (celebrating its 100 year anniversary)
Hamleys (Alex & Daniel loved this store)
Harrods (Had delicious afternoon tea there, yum!)
Portobello Rd market
Carnaby St
2 Theatre shows, The 39 Steps & Wicked - both were excellent
The London Aquarium
The Movieum
The Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace
Lots of great Indian restaurants, mmm yummy !
Then after our week in London we headed to the airport
and flew up to Manchester, details coming soon.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here is our summer home...

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Yes, this is us at our summer residence :) and later on having
our afternoon tea at Harrods, well where else ?
Seriously though, this is the first time I have ever been standing outside Buckingham Palace and also the first time I have been to Harrods, hard to believe I know. We had fabulous weather the whole time we were in England and we really did see and do a lot, a list to follow of all the things we did and more photos coming soon.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can you believe this ?

Neither could I at first, but yes the cost of using
the bathroom has increased since the days of my
childhood, used to be a penny, hence the term
"I have to go spend a penny", lol.
This was at the Ladies bathrooms in Waterloo train

station in London, they even had a change machine
there in case you did not have the correct change.

Anyway, we are now back home and getting back
to life here in the heat of Arizona. We had a great time
and did so much, I will put up more pictures, hopefully
in the next few days.

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