Thursday, July 30, 2009

Love those Creatologie kits !

If you do not know about these kits you need to go and look
at them. Carol Wingert puts together her special kits once a
month and does a fantastic job with them. You get the best
colour copied instructions that take you through all the steps
to create the project and you get more than enough supplies
to finish it and even change it up a little. I took my very first
book making class with Carol many years ago at a store in
Mesa called Memory Lane. I have taken quite a few of Carol's
classes since then and they are all fabulous. This kit I just
finished was from May this year, could not start it sooner as
we had our trip to England coming up. I love this travel journal
and will be using it when I go on the wonderful art cruise in
October with Tim Holtz & Wendy Vecchi, it is just the perfect
thing for me to take, thanks Carol !

1 comment:

Lisa V said...

Love that one! She must not keep them in stock cuz I can't find that one on her website. :( You are SOOOOO lucky to be going on the cruise--I'm jealous!