Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grungy Monday #13...

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Gosh where have the weeks gone? We had a nice relaxing time
away last week and I missed doing last week's Grungy Monday.
I was finally able to find a little bit of time to do this week's
challenge. Go over to Linda's blog for all the details.

This week we are taking on Ranger Alcohol inks as demonstrated
by Tim Holtz on the Ranger website here.
It is always fun to play with these inks as you never know exactly
how it will turn out. I love how you can make a really busy
background but whatever you stamp on top still stands out. I
just went really simple this week with my tag as I am limited
on free time, tissue tape is one of my go-to's these days. I love
using it and goodness knows I have plenty of it!! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grungy Monday #11...

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Well I finally got time to join in the challenge this week. For the
details on this go and visit Linda's blog. The technique we are
using this week can be found on Tim Holtz's blog, it is from
January 2008.

I had no problems with the first part of this technique but then it
got tricky, anything that involves an iron is always bad news for
me! I followed the instructions but had an issue with the newsprint
paper sticking to my stamped image. I managed to scrape off
most of the paper and actually don't think you can see it, well I hope not anyway!
I do not have a lot of quote stamps so have to keep taking turns
with the few I have, I also used some of the newer tissue
tape at the top. I love the tissue tape except for the fact that this
new batch has no sticky stuff on it and I had to glue it down with
a tape runner. Anyway my tag is done and I can get ready now
for our family vacation next week.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Road trip...

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Just a quick post as I have had no time for art this last week or so.
My son left yesterday on his first ever road trip with a friend, he
drove them to California to go surfing. Needless to say I am a little
nervous as he has never driven such a long distance before. 
He has so far had a busy summer, only been home about 6 days
since he graduated high school, still I guess it is getting me used
to the idea he will not be here that much :(

We went down to the University of Arizona at the end of last week
for his orientation, he is showing off his new school logo on his
tank top. It was definitely a whirlwind and an overload of
information, but we feel better now we have been down there. 
This is really my excuse for not having done any art lately, I am
hoping to do some work in my art journals and would love to
paint some more canvas, here's hoping...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sharing some art...

It seems like so long ago now that I was at the CREATE event when
really it was just a few weeks ago. Above is the other canvas piece
that I did in Alisa Burke's class. This was the one that was more
finished but I really wasn't sure about. I have now had it sitting on
a table in my house staring at me for the last few weeks. I still am
not sure about it but my good friend Lisa thought it was so nice
that she wanted to buy it from me!
I know there is that saying about being our own worst critic so for
the moment this piece is being left as is.

I enjoyed the process so much with the canvas that I decided to
start a new one this weekend. You can see it above, this is the
stage I got it to and am now wondering how to finish this one off.
You may notice I went for completely different colours than
usual. I am a green/blue/purple person when it comes to making art.
These are my go to colours that I love to use. In fact I took a
class last fall where one of the exercises was to make a sample
chart of all the paints we had so we would not get duplicates and
could see where we were lacking. I had no orange paint,1 yellow
paint and 2 reds. I had 2 sheets full of blue paint and almost
the same of green. I found this to be a very interesting exercise,
I now own 1 tube of orange paint:)

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Finally I want to share my first page in the 3 Hearts workshop I am
taking with the very talented Christy Tomlinson. So sad that this is
the last week of class, although we will have a couple of months to
view the videos there will be no more new content added. I have
had a lot of  fun watching all of the technique videos, there were
53 of them!!!
Anyway this is my first finished art journal page but I have
a few in progress. I have seen so many new techniques with this
class it is hard to choose which one to try next.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grungy Monday #9...

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It seems I have not blogged for a while, too much going on with
the end of school and my son's high school graduation last week.
It was a long week and now I am looking forward to not having
to get up early and having time to do more art!

So here is my attempt at this weeks challenge posted on
Linda's blog. The technique is another one of Tim Holtz's 12 tag
techniques, go here to find out how you can do this technique.

I have to say that I have been working on this tag all week, had
some issues and this was my 3rd attempt at it, I know it is sad, lol!
I always have issues when it comes to using the paint dabbers,
love the idea of them but the ones I have just never work the way
they are supposed to. So I struggled through with it and finally finished it.

In the meantime I am taking the next of Christy Tomlinson's online
classes and she has put so much into this class it is amazing. She
just did Ranger U and is using lots of techniques she learned there.
Our first week's lesson had 28 videos of techniques to watch, yes
28 videos!! I believe the class is now closed but she may run it
again just like her "She Art" class that I took and loved, I know
a couple of people taking it the 2nd time due to my recommendation.
I am still working my way through this week's videos and hope to
have some pages ready to post soon. Wishing everyone an art filled week!